▷ Birthday messages for a Quinceañero 🤩

Whenever a family member or friend has a birthday, it is appropriate to let them know that we remember them, that’s why we send you these birthday messages for a fifteen year old Of course, sometimes you have to reinforce this message with a gift voucher.

At this age we don’t pay much attention to words, they like a present more and if it’s a much better box, and that’s because at this age of fifteen the tastes of boys are very strange.

If apart from these messages you need more, you can check out the article also posted today on birthday messages for a quinceañera where you can change the gender of each sentence and use it for boys as well.

🎂 Birthday messages for a Quinceañero

When you want to write something to a fifteen-year-old boy, be careful, he only likes jokes and often in bad taste. We leave you some models, to see if any of them suits you ten Birthday Messages for a Quinceañera Originals:

Hello boy, you already fifteen¡Congratulations! Now you can compliment a girl because you have at least four hairs in your beard. May God take care of you and be patient to get you out of any trouble you get yourself into.

¡Congratulations For those fifteen! That they are fifteen, not seventeen as you say over there. Well, when you’re fifty, you want to be forty-five. For now, grab some dough and go party with your friends.

For fifteen, fifteen muzzle pinches, for the way you misbehave. AnywayCongratulations man! And let’s see if we baptize you again so that the indiscipline will be removed. Well, at your age, anything is acceptable.

Hello my son, we are very happy because today is your birthday and when a MAN to have fifteen, you may already have a girlfriend. Now you just need to get a good job so you can invite her to the movies.

For my dear son, a thousand Congratulations because it flourishes today fifteen. God and the Virgin protect you and bless you, today, tomorrow and every day of your life. Now you can go out alone… but at least tell yourself where you’re going. Were?

When a boy is fifteen, he already thinks he’s always right, but you’re not, today you’re going to give it to me because I say you have to buy a newer mobile. is it true that I’m right? ¡congratulations and enjoy!

For an older boy. Well you already haveFifteen! ¡congratulations! May you enjoy this day in style and may all your friends come and cut this delicious cake that your favorite uncle brought you, the one who never discovers you…

For my beautiful boy from his grandmother who loves him very much and who never forgets his birthdayand less today that he meets quince. ¡Congratulations! May God and the little virgin of Montserrat protect you and lead you on the right path. I’ve already reserved a place for you in the seminar! You will be a good priest…

Hello brother, what desire do you already have fifteenWhen will I have them? ¡congratulations! I hope you have a great time and that you and your friends even leave me a little piece of cake this year to try it out.

Dear son, you are very handsome, you look a lot like your father, and you are also very lucky with girls, what can I tell you… just like your father, but shit… Don’t let your mother find out. Receive my blessing today for your fifteenth birthday and a few dollars for today’s party. Hope you can enjoy the most with your best friends.

If one of your best friends turns 15, we encourage you to visit the birthday messages for a friend section, where you can find a great list of words and phrases to congratulate that friend.

Hello boy, Happy fifteen yearshave a good time with your comrades and leave a cupcake to the sixteen, they say it’s going to get very hard… and we don’t know if next year we’ll eat cake or give you cake.

For a boy who has become a man, he has alreadyFifteen! congratulations and be good, but not too much so as not to get bored. I hope you will follow the good advice of your grandparents and study hard so that tomorrow you will be a useful man.

Our son has alreadyFifteen! He is a real man, now he will have to work to support us ha ha ha. Fear not, man, we’ll keep supporting you until you get married, and then we’ll support your wife and kids. ¡Happy Birthday! Who loves you very much.

At fifteen one would like to be twenty, at twenty twenty-five and at fifty, forty. It’s horrible ! But you right now, what you want is a gift, or am I wrong? Take your gift and come give us a hug!Happy Birthday!

Dear son, today you blossom fifteen since you came into the world to fill the house with happiness by your presence, and also with pain ha ha ha. Happy Birthday and lots of kisses and hugs from mom and dad.

🎁 Birthday gifts for a Quinceañero

Check out this catalog we’ve put together so you can find ideas to gift that special fifteen year old:

🎉 Birthday cards for one QEleven years

To congratulate a boy who turns fifteen, you need to have a lot of imagination, at this age nothing seems to them, that’s why here we find 5 Birthday cards for a fifteen year old:

Birthday card for a fifteen year old

Birthday card for a fifteen year old 4

Birthday card for a fifteen year old 3

Birthday card for a fifteen year old 2

Birthday card for a fifteen year old 1

If the person who turns 15 is your cousin, you cannot miss these birthday wishes for a cousin you will surely love.

❤️ Congratulatory phrases for a Quinceañero

You must have a suitable phrase for every occasion, now we are going to give you some ideas for that boy who needs to know it’s important, some of them ten Phrases of congratulations for a fifteen year old may be useful to you:

happy birthday fifteen yearsyour gift and a kiss.

Your birthday How much? ¡Quince! ¡Congratulations that you are already almost a MAN!

Fifteen And the mustaches? ah! ¡Congratulations!

That’s good, a man at home… and fifteen ¡Congratulations!

Today the birthday ¡Congratulations! And already quince! A toast? Noooo well yes a soda.

Birthday phrase for fifteen years 1

For a quinceañera a kiss, for a Fifteen years old a pat on the hand… and a few euros. ¡congratulations!

Today, beautiful day and the Fifteen years old? ¡congratulations! And the gift? How much? It’s OK

For my dear son for his fifteen…¡Congratulations and lots of kisses!

Congratulations For those fifteen. Now tonight… the cake!

From birthday today! Fifteen? Wow, what a MAN! congratulations.

So far today’s congratulations, if you like, you can find more birthday messages HERE to congratulate anyone on the most important day of the year.

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