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    100 Father’s Day Wishes for Greeting Cards


    Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words, especially when you’re writing out a Father’s Day card. Father’s Day Wishes You want to express yourself in a way that’s heartfelt without being too sappy. Or maybe you just want to make your cool dad laugh. Either way, you can put a smile on his face with words that reflect the kind of relationship you share. In this collection, you’ll find sentiments applicable to biological fathers, adoptive dads, stepdads, fathers-in-law, grandfathers or any man who plays a fatherly role in your life
    Kick your fear of “Blank Inside” cards to the curb. Or put your artistic skills to use and make your own! No need to worry about what you’ll write inside.
    Whether your relationship is difficult or idyllic, you’re sure to find the ideal sentiment for Dad in “What Should I Write? 101 Father’s Day
    Wishes for Greeting Cards.”

    Short and Swee Wishes Father’s Day

    1.Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world!

    2. This is a day to celebrate YOU. Get out there and have some fun. Happy Father’s Day!

    3. You’re an amazing dad! Just thought I’d remind you, in case you’d forgotten. Happy Father’s Day!

    4.Happy Father’s Day to a dad who’s also a good buddy.

    5. I don’t know how the rest of the world feels about their dads,
    but I know I’d be lost without you.

    6. I hope this Father’s Day reminds you how important you are to everyone in your life, and especially to me.

    7. Most people think love is a four letter word, but to me, it only
    has three: D-A-D

    8. I don’t know what my life would be like today if I’d never learned all the things you took such care to teach me.

    9. You’re the greatest dad any kid could hope for. Happy Fa-
    there’s Day!

    10. I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things you’ve done over the years. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    11. I love my dad THIS MUCH! Happy Father’s Day!

    12. Every time I need you, you’re always there. Thanks for being the kind of dad I can count on.

    13. For all your thoughtfulness, I send this card with my fondest appreciation. Happy Father’s Day!

    14.Hope you have a really fun Father’s Day! Sorry, I can’t be there, but you’ll be in my thoughts all day long.

    15. Father’s Day will always be a special event in our family be-
    cause you are so special to all of us. Enjoy your day!

    16. I hope this Father’s Day is just like you: full of love and fun and sunny brightness!

    17. For me, Father’s Day is every day… because you are always there for me. I love you, Dad!

    18.Thanks for every little thoughtful thing you do. I’m so lucky to have a dad like you!

    19. May this Father’s Day fill your spirit with the summer fun!

    20.No matter what each day brings, I smile because you’re in it. Happy Father’s Day!

    21. This Father’s Day, I wish you every joy in the world!

    Heartfelt Wishes Father’s Day

    1. You’ve never been shy about telling the world you’re proud to be my dad. I want you to know I’m every bit as proud to call myself your child. Happy Father’s Day!

    2. Sometimes we have disagreements. You want one thing,
    and I want something totally different. I know I often resist what’s best for me, but it’s reassuring to know there’s some-
    one in the world who always has my best interests at heart.
    Happy Father’s Day.

    3. I love you for all the times I needed you and you were there. I
    love you for all the times I needed space and you let me achieve my goals on my own. Thanks for supporting me and thank you for letting me fly.

    4. Some people are lucky in life. They’ve got health and wealth and laughter and love. But you know why I’m lucky? Because
    I’ve got you as a father. You’re the best. Happy Father’s Day!

    5. If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that every time I pick up the phone, you’ll be there at the other end. Thanks for all-
    ways listening when I need to talk. Happy Father’s Day!

    6. I know we haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less. I’ll always be your kid and you’ll always be my dad. Happy Father’s Day.

    7. Remember when I was a teenager and I disobeyed you at every turn? Did you ever think, back then, that we’d end up being so close? I sure didn’t, but I’m so thankful life worked out this way. Happy Father’s Day!

    8. For all the times I never saw it and all the times you so de-
    served it, I love you, Dad. What would I do without you in my life?

    9. It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day falls at a time of year when the summer sun shines so hard. Those bright skies never fail to remind me of that smile you beam when you’re especially proud. I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

    10. If everyone had a Father like you, the world would be a
    much better place. Happy Father’s Day!

    11. May this Father’s Day create memories that will live in your heart forever.

    12. Back when I was a kid, it always made me so mad when I
    was taking something super-seriously and you were just standing there laughing. Now that I’m older, I understand that you laughed when you were uncomfortable or didn’t know how to react. So go ahead and laugh at this heartfelt card, if you want to. Today is your day.

    13. When I was younger, I thought my dad was a superhero.
    It’s hard to believe any human could accomplish everything you’ve done in life. To be honest, you’re still my super-

    14. Do you know how much I appreciate everything you give me throughout the year? Well, today it’s my turn to give back.
    Don’t be afraid to put me to work. Housework? Yard work?
    Shine your shoes? Polish your car? Whatever you want to be done,
    I’ll get right on it. Happy Father’s Day!

    15. Here’s wishing you a day that brings not only rest and relaxation but joy, laughter, and togetherness. This day is all yours!

    16.Seems like you’ve got a busier life in retirement than you had when you were working. How did that happen, exactly?
    Well, take a load off. Today is YOUR day.

    17. With every year that passes, you become an even more important part of my life. Nobody could ever replace you,

    18. Being the only parent in the house made it extra hard on you, but that never stopped you from rising to the occasion and being the best parent a person could have. Happy Father’s Day.

    19. You’ve never been the easiest person to please, but every time you smile because I’ve done something right, I feel great about my accomplishments. Happy Father’s Day!

    20. Sometimes you say I’m too serious, but you know what?
    Over the years, you’ve taught me to laugh a little more.

    21. Dad, you’ve been such a great teacher and unbelievable support. Happy Father’s Day!

    22. Commercials and cards characterize fathers as those guys who fish and watch TV and BBQ burgers, but you’re so much more and you know it. Happy Father’s Day to a dad who’ll never be a cardboard cut-out.

    23.No matter where I go and what I do, I know you’re always thinking of me and hoping for the best. Dad, I only wish you knew how much your support means … because it means a
    whole lot.

    24. Now that I’m a parent too, I know how hard it is to maintain a positive outlook all the time. How on earth did you do that, Dad? You always made us feel like everything was going to work out.

    25. Happy Father’s Day to a dad who does the impossible all the time.

    26. Whenever I’m feeling down, I only have to think of you.
    You’ve always got the answers to any of life’s little problems. Happy Father’s Day!

    27.I’ve got so little to give to someone who has given me so much. Big Hug! Big Kiss! Lots of Love!

    28. Dads make every day happy for everyone else, but my Father’s Day wish is a happy day that’s all yours. You deserve it!

    29. You’re the person who taught me to understand other people’s point of view instead of mindlessly arguing or thinking
    I was right all the time. That’s what a great father gives the world.

    30. Fathers are all special people, but you stand high above the crowd. Thanks for being the kind of dad I could always look up to.

    31. A Father’s gift is the curiosity and inventiveness he plants in his children’s imaginations. Without a dad like you, I’d have never grown up to be me like ME!

    32. If I had to trade places with you for a day, I don’t know how I
    would keep up! Thanks for working so relentlessly in everything you do. Happy Father’s Day!

    33. I don’t say it enough, but I love you. Thanks for all everything you so unselfishly do. You deserve more than just one day’s celebration.

    34. On this day devoted to you, I hope all the kindness you’ve shown the world comes back tenfold. Happy Father’s Day!

    35. I have a great life, and I owe it all to you. You built my foundation and put a roof over my head so I’d always feel both rooted and safe. Happy Father’s Day!

    36. I really don’t know what I would do without, Dad. You’ve made even the most challenging moments of my life a little easier. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

    37. You taught me to be a good parent by setting a wonderful example when I was young. Thank you for the many gifts you’ve given me over the years.

    38. Even though we can’t see each other as often as we’d like, I
    want to wish you a really great Father’s Day.

    39. May your heart be filled with every joy you’ve brought me throughout my life. Happy Father’s Day!

    40. There are no words to describe a Father like you. I don’t know how so much love, compassion, sacrifice, warmth,
    joy, energy, and life could be wrapped up in one person. But there you are. Happy Father’s Day!

    41. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. I know you some-
    times wonder if you should have done things differently or been a “better dad,” but I want you to know you did just fine raising me. Holding grudges would only hurt the relationship we’re establishing now. I really am glad to have you in my life, Dad.

    42. The relationship a father shares with his child can put a
    young person on a trail to triumph or a path to disaster. I
    guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Heartfelt thanks and Happy
    Father’s Day!

    43. We haven’t been able to see each other much lately, but I
    think we both know that it’s circumstances beyond our control keeping us apart. If I had one wish, it would be to spend Father’s Day together. I love you and I miss you, Dad.

    44. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I realized how many sacrifices you made for me when I was young. Sorry if I
    didn’t appreciate it at the time, but I want you to know I get it now. Thank you!

    Specific to Stepdads and Other Family Arrangements Wishes for father

    1 You haven’t been my dad forever, but I’ve never seen my mom smile so much as she does when she glances in your direction. I look forward to getting to know you better in the years ahead.

    2. It seems like only yesterday that I was acting like a total brat
    and saying you could never replace my “real dad.” Since then,
    you’ve shown me that a real dad is one who shows he cares on a daily basis… in word, though, and action. It’s sure been a rocky road, but I want to thank you for being a real dad to me.

    3.To a grandfather who’s always been like a dad to me: I truly appreciate all the time and effort you’ve devoted to raising me right. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

    4. A friend and mentor is a rare treasure. Thank you for filling my life with purpose and direction.

    5. When I married into your family I knew I was getting some-
    the thing special, but I never could have prepared myself for how welcome I’d feel. (I was actually kind of scared of you, in the
    beginning!) Thanks for making your house feel like home.
    Happy Father’s Day to a truly amazing father-in-law!

    6.Thank you for bringing the joys of the family to me. I feel very privileged to have you in my life. No one else will ever compare!

    7. I know what it’s like to be a parent, but I will never live up to the standard of perfection you set. You are the best!

    8.When I think FATHER, I think YOU. Thanks for always being there.

    9.Happy Father’s Day, from the bottom of my heart to the guy who was always there for me even when nobody else was.

    10. I haven’t always been the perfect child, but you’ve always been an outstanding parent. Thanks for being strong when I
    was weak.

    11. What could be better than one great dad? Two great dads, of course! Thanks for all the love and support you both show me throughout the year. Happy Father’s Day!

    12. Every so often, a special person walks into your life. After that, you wonder how you ever lived without them. Thank you for being the father figure I’ve always needed.

    13. Dad, no matter where we are on the planet, whether we are liberated or captive, in our hearts we will always be free.
    Happy Father’s Day to you.

    14. I used to get upset when you said no, but now I see it was all about making me a stronger person. Thank you for being the resolute, determined individual you are. I am better for your discipline.

    15.Happy Father’s Day from someone who loves you as unconditionally as you’ve always loved me.

    16. A lot of people complain about their in-laws, but not me.
    Not ever. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve got a father-in-law
    who treats me like I’m one of his own crazy kids. Happy Father’s Day!

    17.Happy Father’s Day to a grandpa who’s about so much more than fishin’ and whittlin’!

    18. Of all the special people in my life, there could never be any-
    one more special than you. Thanks for teaching me to trust again. Happy Father’s Day!

    Funny and Fun Wishes Father’s Day

     Wishes  Father’s Day

    1. Remember when I was a kid? Yeah, me neither. That was a
    million years ago. Man, are we getting old. Anyway, Happy
    Father’s Day!

    2. I don’t want to get all sappy on you, Dad. That’s just not who we are. Instead, I’ll thank you for everything you do while I
    madly raid the refrigerator. You weren’t going to eat this potato salad, were you?

    3. Some people don’t understand why I still live at home, but if they had a dad as cool as you, they’d all live at home too. I
    will always be your loving and eternally grateful freeloader!

    4. What you lack in cooking and cleaning skills, you more than make up for in awesomeness!

    5. Sending you my love through the mail. Hope it gets there in one piece (and on time). Happy Father’s Day!

    6. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something delicious. Have a burger. Have some cake. Have a little more. And some ice cream, too! And maybe another burger! (It’s your day. Enjoy it!)

    7.My friend + my sidekick + the best-dressed guy on the block
    = my dad. Happy Father’s Day!

    8. I don’t want to get cheesy about it, but I appreciate all the funny faces you make, all the jokes you crack and all the love you give. You’re the best. Happy Father’s Day!

    9.Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Father’s
    Day. Now, aren’t you glad I never totally lost that stutter?

    10. They say I’ve got a face only a mother could love. Well, you seem pretty okay with it, too. Thanks for being there, Dad!

    11. I know I was a little hell-raiser when I was younger. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m still a hell-raiser now! Thanks for putting up with me. Happy Father’s Day!

    12. The term “World’s Greatest Dad” gets bandied about a lot these days, but everybody around here knows the title is yours. Have a good one—you deserve it!

    13. I didn’t bring a gift, but I did bring my laundry. Get on that,
    will ya? Happy Father’s Day!

    14. Growing up, all my friends were so jealous of me because I
    had the fun dad. What they didn’t know is that I was always jealous of YOU. You were way more fun than I was.

    15.Happy Father’s Day!!! For me, it’s a 365-day celebration…
    except for leap years, when it’s 366 days. I love you, Dad!

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