Best estate planning stories for financial advisors in 2023


You can’t take it with you, so the saying goes.

But high net worth and ultrahigh net worth investors are eager to do the next best thing: Ensure their wealth has an afterlife in line with their intentions. 

These wealthy individuals, collectively, are set to pass down what industry research firm Cerulli Associates estimates to be $84 trillion of assets, the lion’s share of which will go to heirs, in the coming decades. 

Advisors who can prove their value with assistance on estate and legacy planning, as well as other increasingly important service areas like tax, health care and education cost planning, stand to grow much faster than peers who only focus on the traditional conversations about retirement and investment management. 

Below, check out our selection of Financial Planning’s 2023 coverage of estate planning. Learn how to sharpen your mind on practice areas ranging from working with couples to supporting artists and entertainers, to factoring caregiving into an estate plan.


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