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Have you ever wanted to convey a unique and heartfelt birthday wishes to someone special in your life, but have had trouble finding a perfect thing to say?
You could go to the local card shop and purchase a preprinted card with a sentiment, but matching the messages available with what you really want to say can be a tough order. Most birthday wishes will help you find what you are looking for.

Birthdays are one of life’s many milestones that can cause us to contemplate our lives and look deep inside.
Sometimes we just need that special inspiration to help us as we’re reviewing our past, present, and future journey. Birthdays are an awesome opportunity to show someone how much we care on their special day.

birthday wishes

birthday wishes
birthday wishes

How is it that birthdays don’t show on you? You’ve gotta tell me your secret … and don’t give me that business about a painting in the attic. Have a wonderful birthday

It’s all right to light the candles on your birthday cake now; I have alerted the fire department. Have fun on your birthday

Every birthday holds the promise of a new beginning. Hope this is your best year yet! Have a sensational birthday

 birthday wishes
birthday wishes

I hope this birthday is the happiest yet Happiness on your birthday and always

Happy______birthday. Are you counting in dog years?!
Your birthday is a day that should go down in history (unless you have finally succeeded in destroying all the
copies of your birth certificate in the public records office)

The only way to look younger is to be born later

“Formula for Youth”—count your blessings, not your wrinkles Youth happens, but age is earned

Birthdays are an opportunity to reconnect with those we care about. Even though we’re far apart, I’m with you in spirit on your special day.

 birthday wishes
gold birthday wishes

Some people make the world brighter just by being in it I love sending you a birthday card because you’ve always been and always will be older than me!

Being born is a miracle—and I think you’re absolutely miraculous! Have a wonderful birthday.

When things start to sag, and things start to drag, when you stand on your head, they don’t look so bad!

Birthday, shmirthday … who’s counting?

50? Let’s not go there.

Now we’re so old, we have to take a nap before we blow out our birthday candles!
God’s blessing always

Hope your birthday is as happy as you’ve made me Have a happy birthday and a great year

I hope all your birthday wishes come true

 birthday wishes
wishes birthday

May your birthday be filled with wonderful surprises

Remembering you on your birthday and always

May your birthday be bright and beautiful May God bless you on your birthday and always May your birthday be as special as you are A birthday hello to keep in touch

happy birthday message

happy birthday message
wonderful birthday

I remember when we used to shop for each other’s birthday gifts in the petite department. What on earth are we
doing in the “ women’s” sizes now?

May a special person have a special birthday

Much love on your birthday and always Sending warm wishes for your birthday always

May this year bring you closer to all your dreams and wishes

Wishing you all the happiness that you so deserve

Friends are never far apart on their birthdays

Hope your birthday is all you wished it would be
May your birthday be simply the best ever

Wishing you a beautiful birthday filled with love and laughter

happy birthday message
happy birthday message

This birthday greeting comes across the miles with a big hug

Happy birthday to someone who has always been there for me

Happy birthday to a forever friend

 happy birthday message
happy birthday message

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