Culture Matters: Why Advisors Stay, and Why They Consider Leaving


Culture Matters: Why Advisors Stay, and Why They Consider Leaving

In a recent J.D. Power study on financial advisor satisfaction, findings reveal advisors are facing challenges in effectively managing their practice tasks. The study highlights that “nearly one-third (28%) of financial advisors say they do not have enough time to spend with clients.”


Further, the report states that “Advisors falling into this category spend an average of 41% more time each month than their peers on non-value-added tasks, such as compliance and administrative duties.”


Broker-dealers and custodians are constantly exploring ways to reduce these administrative burdens in hopes of retaining existing advisors and recruiting new ones. However, the study underscores another essential factor driving advisor satisfaction: culture.


One significant takeaway from the report is the motivation behind advisors’ loyalty to their firms. Among employee advisors, the predominant reasons they gave for their long-term commitment are “a strong culture and company leadership.”


Culture can mean different things to different people, but most agree it’s about purpose, values, how we communicate, and our work environment. Given how these factors play a significant role in our daily happiness, it’s no wonder why advisors regarded culture so highly in the report.

Finsum: A study from J.D. Power highlights challenges faced by financial advisors, emphasizing the importance of culture in advisor retention and satisfaction. 


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