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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments, Digital Asset Investment Management is an investment firm that has safely invested in a space that has delivered outstanding growth. Many investors are comfortable buying Bitcoin on their phones with a few hundred dollars. But what about investors looking to put more money to work and who want a trusted professional to manage a diversified portfolio for them? This is exactly what DAIM has been doing for long-standing clients.

Where to start investing can be confusing. But DAIM offers full-service crypto wealth management that makes investing in crypto simple and similar to having a traditional stock manager. DAIM’s experience and reach in the space has shown through the success of their Model Portfolio. This model is where the management team puts their focus on and it invests in crypto from a fundamental perspective.

High-net-worth individuals and small institutions that have heard of Bitcoin shouldn’t sit on the sidelines. “I just spoke on a crypto panel for an alternative investment summit and feedback was that separately managed accounts with an investment thesis are more appealing than just investing in Bitcoin or going with a crypto fund,” says Bryan Courchesne CEO at DAIM.

One of the key aspects emphasized by Digital Asset Investment Management is the importance of doing due diligence on who you entrust to help you manage crypto. There are licensed advisors and managers who service the industry.

Just Googling “Bitcoin Price” and “What is Bitcoin” can end up down dangerous rabbit holes created by unethical businesses looking to take advantage of new investors. There are due diligence steps investors can take.

It is important to look up the company that offers digital asset management services. If they are advising on crypto in the US, they should be registered with the SEC and FINRA. Crypto regulations are still in their infancy so investors should only deal with individuals and companies who have chosen to operate under strict securities guidelines. Ask for the firm ADV and look up individuals on BrokerCheck. You should also be able to find the advisor on LinkedIn and determine if they have a legitimate profile.

In addition, when communicating with the advisor, at least initially, try to have a video call or even meet in person. A legitimate investment advisor will be able to talk with you over the phone, have a video call, or meet in person if you live close to their office. Do not give money to someone who insists on talking via Facebook, WhatsApp, Discord, or Telegram.

Finally, there should be some due diligence done by the advisor on you. At DAIM, they have prospective clients fill out a “New Client Profile” which helps them determine if digital assets are even a suitable investment for an individual. They will also ask for a valid ID and tax info. Any firm that chooses to completely forgo KYC or AML before taking your money should be avoided.

As a trusted name in the industry, Digital Asset Investment Management continues to be a driving force in advocating for responsible and informed investment practices within the cryptocurrency sphere. The company believes that, with the right guidance, investors can navigate the crypto market with confidence, avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing the potential for financial success.


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