Don’t let your money fuel the climate crisis


Research your investments. Do they support fossil fuels?

Consult your financial advisor about alternative funds.

Does your current bank invest heavily in fossil fuels? Consider a change.

Environmental advocates have been urging individuals and institutions to divest from fossil fuels for over a decade. Institutional divestment pledges worldwide have kept 40.51 trillion dollars out of the coffers of oil, gas and coal companies. Many of these divesting institutions are faith-based groups, educational institutions (Harvard University among them) and pension funds. Individual investors who rely on a financial advisor or steward their own savings can also align their investments with their values and, acting together, can have a big impact.

York Ready for Climate Action

Campaigns to divest from fossil fuels not only seek to make it more difficult for companies like Exxon or Shell to find financing for new, climate-harmful projects but also hope to stigmatize and de-legitimate these companies. Individual investors are a big part of this effort. 

For starters, if you work with a financial advisor, call them and ask if they have expertise with fossil fuel-free investing. 


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