Eating at Restaurants Is a Waste of Money


Suze Orman.
Marc Royce

  • Suze Orman told The Wall Street Journal that she doesn’t eat at restaurants. 
  • She also doesn’t buy her daily coffee and refuses to work on fishing days. 
  • But she’ll splurge on private air travel, she said. 

Despite her success, Suze Orman has frugal habits, according to a Wall Street Journal interview.

The financial advisor and founder of Suze Orman Financial Group lives in the Bahamas with her wife, Kathy Travis, who goes by KT.

Orman told the Journal that she wakes up at 3:30 or 4:45 every morning. The first thing she does is check the news and weather, so she can plan her week around the best days to go fishing.

She doesn’t buy her morning coffee. Instead, she brews Cafe Bustelo at home. She also doesn’t dine out. “I think that eating out on any level is one of the biggest wastes of money out there,” she told the Journal.

But she likes to travel by private jet, she said.

Orman is a New York Times bestselling author and host of the podcast “Women & Money.” She published her first book, “You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It” in 1995. One of her most popular books, “9 Steps to Financial Freedom,” has sold 3 million copies, according to her website. A long-running show on CNBC helped make her famous.

Her advice for saving money: “You have to live below your means but within your needs,” she said.

Orman suggests people ask themselves “Is this a want or a need?” before making any purchase for the next three months.

Even Orman draws the line somewhere. For longer-distance travel, she’ll forego the private jet.

“I seriously splurge on private air. Unless we go to Europe or something because that’s ridiculous,” she told the Journal.


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