Ex-NFL Player Adewale Ogunleye’s New Role in Financial Advice


Adewale Ogunleye: From NFL Player to Financial Advisor

Former NFL pro-bowl defensive end, Adewale Ogunleye, has switched the playing fields and is now heading the UBS Sports and Entertainment business for Wealth Management. With a mission of forging a financial fortress for young NFL players post their playing days, Ogunleye is changing the game, not on the field but off it.

Planning for Life after Football

Highlighting the ephemeral nature of an NFL player’s career, Ogunleye underscores the urgency of planning for life beyond football. With an average NFL career spanning a mere three and a half years, he aptly reinterprets the acronym ‘NFL’ as ‘not for long.’ This stark reality underpins his pursuit to equip young players with the financial acumen required for a stable future.

Challenges Faced by Young Players

Young players often find themselves in a whirlwind of fame and fortune they are ill-equipped to handle. The temptation to splurge on luxury items, emulating their veteran counterparts, can lead to a precarious financial state. Ogunleye, with his first-hand experience, acknowledges these challenges. He advocates for the young players to treat themselves but within the boundaries of a well-structured financial plan.

Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

Ogunleye’s goal is not just about helping athletes protect and grow their wealth, but it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle that can support them and their families for generations. His initiative is part of a larger movement to prevent professional athletes from going broke after retirement – an all too common scenario resulting from poor financial management.


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