Financial Advisors suggest plans for 2024 saving goals


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – When you think about New Year’s resolutions: eating better, exercising, and mastering a new hobby come to mind, but what about setting some new financial goals?

We sat down with a financial expert and they had some tips to keep more money in your wallet.

According to Forbes, 30 percent of Americans resolved to have more money in their piggy bank by the end of this year.

Whether those dollars are used to attack their debt or build a trust fund financial experts share we all have a chance to effectively save.

Financial Advisor for Bullinger Wealth Management Hank Bullinger said now is the perfect time for you to start that resolution, but make sure you’re setting realistic expectations.

“Then, they make mistakes or they have emergencies that do come up, then they have to blow through that emergency fund. Then it’s not to be too hard on yourself. Start over and say ‘Okay, how can I really learn from those mistakes, but move forward?’ And I think the easiest way to do that is to actually make it obtainable.” He said.

Bullinger said it’s easy for us to get discouraged when saving money so, sharing the goal with a friend, writing the small wins down in a journal, or making a visual progress bar will help keep you on track.

A review of last year’s spending can be a great starting point to determine where to cut out some unneeded spending and determine how much you can start putting into your savings account or rainy day fund.

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