Financial red flags to look for when dating


(InvestigateTV) — 30% of people in the dating pool reported that they are looking for a partner who prioritizes saving money, according to a 2023 study by Bread Financial.

Gardy Bloemers, a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch, suggested that would-be paramours also keep an eye out for other financial habits during the dating process.

Bloemers shared several red flags for potential partners:

  • Not paying bills on time or in full
  • Not having a budget
  • Not having an emergency fund

Bloemers said one way to make talking about money easier for those in the dating pool is to approach the conversation by talking about what they do to save money.

“It might be over dinner. You might mention you have a budget. Do they have a budget?” Bloemers said. “That might be an easy way to kind of broach the subject.”

She said financial red flags can get in the way of building a strong relationship, so communication is key for people to know who they are getting involved with and what their strengths and weaknesses are up front.

Bloemers also suggested that people shouldn’t be afraid to seek advice from third parties. Maybe their partner is not the right person to really get advice from. Instead, an objective third party, like a financial advisor, could be the right move.


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