Fincover® seeks passionate Financial advisors to distribute their fintech products

[ad_1], started in the year 2020 is a leading financial services firm dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses in their journey towards financial well-being. With a focus on delivering comprehensive financial solutions, they have partnered with India’s leading banks, financial institutions, and fund houses to distribute their products such as loans, investment schemes, and credit cards to Indian customers.

In this journey of theirs, they have distributed more than Rs. 250 crores Personal Loan with minimum documentation to Indian customers. They plan to achieve Rs. 500 crores in the first quarter of 2024. To make this happen, they are actively planning to expand their operations, the first step of which is hiring financial advisors to distribute their products. The platform offers ambitious professionals to thrive, offering lucrative earning opportunities and promising unparalleled career growth by joining them as financial advisor.

Discover Lucrative Opportunities for Financial Advisor @ Fincover

Gurumoorthy, Founder of “We have been a upward growth trajectory in the past year, and we look to compete the bigwigs in this highly competitive industry by accelerating our business to the next level. We have helped 100000+ clients across corporates, high-net-worth individuals; self-employed individuals get different kinds of loan. We wish to empower and enlighten millions of people financially by making finance readily available and we are in the process by aggressively adding our distribution channels. By joining us as a financial advisor, we can promise you best commissions in the industry and an assured growth roadmap in the forthcoming years” is right now building a mobile app, which will offer a one-window market view of all financial offerings and promises to be a game changer in the Fintech space for financial advisors, POSPs, and Direct Selling Agents (DSA). The opportunity is open to anyone above 18. it would be ideal for people who are looking for a passive income, retired people, housewives, college students, and SME entrepreneurs to create a lifetime source of online money with zero risk and zero investment

Naresh Rajaram, co-founder of, who also spearheads the development of Fincover, “Our mobile-friendly, DSA Focused mobile App built with cutting edge technology and powered by AI algorithms, will reduce the effort of sellers by 80% for document collection. The powerful app will have features that, will allow them to streamline workflows, saving time and plan for better sales”.

Advantages for Financial advisors at Fincover

  1. Lucrative Earning Potential

At fincover, the financial advisors have the opportunity to unlock big earning potential. The company offers timely payouts and performance-based bonuses that rewards good efforts.

  1. Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Fincovers boasts of extensive list of loans, credit cards, investment schemes, and other financial products. It gives user multiple options to choose from. For a Financial advisor, they have plenty of options to choose a product that aligns with the customer, after hearing the request from the customer

  1. Cutting Edge Technology

Fincover claims to have invested heavily in their platform and their upcoming app to empower financial advisors carry out their activities in a seamless way. The makers assure the platform will boast of features that will make selling financial products a delightful experience.

  1. Best Commission in the Market

The commission financial advisors collect from loans are their source of income. Normally, every loan comes with a commission rate of 1% of the loan amount for just referring leads to the company. For complete loan processing, they would receive 2% of the loan amount.

  1. Professional Development and Training provides continuous training and professional development opportunities to ensure advisors stay at the forefront of industry trends and regulatory changes. invites qualified and motivated financial advisors to check out this exciting opportunity to be part of a fast-growing organization. Interested candidates can visit to learn more about the company, its values, and the application process.

About is an Online Financial Marketplace, dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses on their journey to financial success. It acts as a one-stop destination for purchasing all-things related to finance such as loans, insurance, and investments.  With a focus on excellence and a passion for financial well-being, they are actively playing a part in reshaping the financial world.

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