FMG partners with Bento Engine to drive advice engagement

FMG, a SaaS company specializing in marketing content, automation and websites for advisors is now working with fintech firm Bento Engine to strengthen the advisor-client relationship.

Through the launch of the new Bento Collection, FMG will offer its users access to a suite of purpose-built materials that they can use to deliver personalized, timely and impactful advice that will benefit clients and prospects during pivotal life moments. 

The collection offers advisors the flexibility to choose from three life events they may want to provide advice on, as well as the option to select from three age-related milestones.

Bento Engine CEO Philipp Hecker said his firm’s mission is to bring better advice beyond investing to more families, and show them how much their financial advisor cares. 

“Teaming up with FMG represents a significant milestone as it opens our collection to a diverse group of new users,” Hecker said in a statement. “We anticipate that this partnership will empower professionals to offer comprehensive and customized guidance, addressing not only investment strategies but also the pivotal life events and milestones that profoundly influence the financial well-being of their clients.” 

The FMG Bento Collection includes client-ready materials in email and visual formats, allowing advisors to select the best mode of communication on a client-specific basis. 

“This strategic collaboration with Bento Engine enables our joint customers to easily execute meaningful marketing and communication campaigns designed to invite conversations that lead to additional share of wallet,” Susan Theder, chief marketing officer at FMG, said in a statement. “Advisors struggle with not having enough time in the day to do everything they’d like to do. By integrating Bento content into the FMG platform we enable advisors to manage campaigns from one place removing friction and creating efficiencies. 

“Our shared missions to help advisors grow through timely, content rich communications make this partnership a natural fit.” 

The new collaboration furthers Bento’s mission to leverage tech to help advisors be more human more often. And that effort extends to even the youngest members of a client’s family.

This time last year, Bento Engine announced the launch of a program called “Children & Wealth,” an offering that included educational and age-based financial advice designed to help parents introduce their children to the concepts of money and wealth during crucial stages of their development. 

Children & Wealth was developed with the help of experts like Susan Doty, director of the University of Texas at Tyler Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy, and Mac Gardner, a CFP and CEO of financial literacy platform FinLit Tech.

The program has financial advice targeted specifically to ages 4 to 18. At 4 years old, children learn how to save with a coin game and a clear piggy bank that gives them the gratification of seeing their earnings grow. At 6 years old, two additional banks are added: one for spending and one for giving that supplements the lessons they’ve spent the past two years learning about saving. 

Things like allowance, getting your first job and preparing to finish school are all part of the educational journey Bento wants advisors to be a part of. 

“It’s basic, simple, yet powerful stuff,” Hecker previously told Financial Planning. “And those simple, time-tested, proven tools and activities are what we want to make sure folks avail themselves of.”

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