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The enterprise transition

Julie Bates, Program Manager and Financial Planner at Delta Community Credit Union’s wealth management business, spearheaded the decision to leverage LPL’s broker-dealer services after spending 20 years with the company’s former broker-dealer. Hear more about the transition process and how LPL helped this enterprise “connect with the next generation of investors.”

Enterprise resources

David Casey of Delta Community Retirement Investment Services discusses the strength of his organization’s partnership with LPL. He found that LPL’s focus on investment research and technology capabilities enable more personalized connection with clients. Watch the video to hear more about the resources available to enterprises who choose LPL.

Advisor experience

Tod Shoffler, Program Manager at Crest Savings Bank, describes why he chose LPL’s enterprise solution when his organization established a wealth management business. LPL’s enterprise solution—especially its technology—creates more workplace efficiency, which means that Tod gets to spend more time with his family. Hear more about his experience as an advisor.


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