Investopedia’s New Retirement Guide Magazine Will Help You Plan Where, How To Retire


Investopedia’s updated Retirement Guide—a special edition print magazine—explores where to retire, the latest wealth-building strategies for every age, and how to make savings last as consumers are living and working longer.

The 96-page magazine hit newsstands, Amazon, and on Oct. 27 and covers key topics such as how much money you’ll need to retire, when to take Social Security benefits, and tips for reducing tax burdens. 

This annual guide also includes cost-of-living insights from a collaboration with Southern Living—via its South’s Best Places To Retire—to help identify destinations where retirement income can go the farthest. 

“Next year, more Americans than ever will turn 65, and many feel unprepared and under-invested,” said Caleb Silver, editor in chief of Investopedia. “Younger generations may also feel like retirement is out of reach, or at least will require a radically different approach. Since retirement looks different for everyone, Investopedia provides tools and guidance for all life stages and income levels individuals and families may face.” 

In addition to defining important retirement-planning terms and sharing expert advice from top financial advisors, Investopedia’s latest Retirement Guide covers the following topics: 

  • Defining Retirement: How to make a retirement plan that fits your needs and aspirations, and also determine how much you need to save, where to retire, and the rising trend of part-time work. Plus, advice for women, from women.
  • Investing For Independence: Investing goals for every age, how to choose the best retirement plan, tips for self-employed planners, and how to hire the right financial advisor.
  • Understanding Social Security: We answer the questions of, how long will the benefits last? When should you take them out? And how can you pass benefits to loved ones?
  • Maintaining Wealth: Explore when you can afford to retire, how to make income last, how to plan for medical expenses, and ways to avoid extra tax costs. 

Investopedia’s Retirement Guide magazine is now available on newsstands across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online via Amazon and for a cover price of $14.99. 

Apple News+ subscribers also have access to a digital version, which will be available in November.


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