Public Service Commission delivers reality check to NY’S energy overhaul


The state Public Service Commission rightfully rejected nearly $12 billion in higher payments sought by renewable energy developers. Simply put, New Yorkers should not be shouldering the financial brunt of liberals’ radical climate platform. The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act is the misguided vision concocted by Democrats without a shred of responsible consideration regarding the impact of this law on the affordability and reliability of the state’s energy grid.

Like any good financial advisor’s advice for success, the key to New York’s energy future is a strategy built on diversity. Renewable energy projects should be a piece of an energy puzzle that considers the balance between a healthy environment and a reliable, efficient energy grid.

The decision by the PSC should be a wake-up call for all New Yorkers. The current mandates set forth by the CLCPA are putting the state’s energy future at risk and will almost certainly lead to devastating economic consequences. The Empire Center suggests that the true cost to implement all the components outlined in the CLCPA will total at least $510 billion. The alarm bells are ringing. We should be pumping the brakes on this reckless climate policy.


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