Retirement Advisor Council Unveils Financial Literacy Collaboration

To accelerate the advancement of organized youth financial education in local communities, the Retirement Advisor Council (RAC) recently announced the launch of a new financial literacy initiative named FinLitFuture$.

Image: Shutterstock.comWith studies showing that Americans do not have adequate financial literacy or confidence, key stakeholders in the retirement industry came together and responded with an approach to enable the next generation’s future leaders, business owners and workers to achieve financial freedom and security, the organization explains.

To that end, FinLitFuture$ leverages the power of the collective volunteer and advocacy efforts of financial advisors, service providers, asset managers, and retirement industry associations who are “committed to providing access to financial education within their communities.”

According to the organization’s website, the Council has a specific purpose—to support efforts of all Americans to achieve financial independence. “Beginning with the ultimate goal in mind, we believe that the way to fuel the financial knowledge of America’s future leaders is by advancing financial education for its youth,” it notes.

“We are so proud to launch FinLitFuture$. Our membership reflects the shared commitment of retirement industry to the financial wellness of Americans and FinLitFuture$ provides access to best-in-class programs and resources to help deliver financial education in our communities,” explains Marsh & McLennan’s Lisa Buffington, a RAC member who serves as chair of the RAC Financial Literacy Committee and is an At-Large Member of NAPA’s Leadership Council. “We envision a future where everyone has the knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to achieve financial independence and security,” added Buffington.

The organization’s website lists RAC vetted financial literacy programs, which it notes are recommended for those who have direct access to volunteer opportunities in their communities.

The RAC reviewed nationally recognized financial literacy programs—including their curriculum, topics and approach—and identified certain programs as outstanding offerings. In addition, the resources are available in English and Spanish, and are available at no cost.

The website also lists non-profit partner resources, which are specifically curated for volunteers who are looking to find opportunities in their communities. Similarly, it lists certain organizations that have content, tools and resources to support financial literacy program goals.

Formed in 2009, the Retirement Advisor Council is a national organization that advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment managers and defined contribution plan service providers. 

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