What ‘Star Wars’ Teaches Financial Advisors About AI Content Generation


Continuous learning: Just as Jedi training is ongoing, encourage AI to learn from its past outputs and user feedback. Adjust your prompts based on its evolving capabilities.

Human oversight: While AI is a valuable tool, it still needs a watchful eye to ensure quality. Review and fine-tune AI-generated content, ensuring it meets your standards and remains true to your intentions.

Your role as an AI user, guided by the wisdom of George Lucas, is to wield AI tools creatively and responsibly, ensuring your content achieves the desired impact.

3. Bad Content Is Going to Proliferate, Just Like Bad Sci-Fi Movies

Lucas noted that when something new emerges, it often gets abused, leading to a flood of poor-quality imitations. The same phenomenon can be observed in the realm of AI content generation. As AI tools become more accessible, the internet is inundated with subpar content produced by automated systems. 

In the world of finance, just as in the Star Wars universe, the proliferation of substandard content is detrimental. Clients and prospects are inundated with generic, uninspired content that lacks originality and insight. To stand out, financial advisors must embrace AI to enhance their creativity, not as a shortcut to replacing it. 

Financial advisors must focus on crafting unique, relevant, and insightful content that truly resonates with their audience. AI can assist in research, data analysis, and even suggesting initial content ideas, but the true value comes from the creative thinking and strategic approach that advisors bring to the table.


George Lucas’ insights into the pitfalls of misuse and overreliance on innovation in “Star Wars” can serve as a powerful guide for financial advisors navigating the world of AI content generation.

Remember, the tool is only as good as its user. Use AI for good, and don’t succumb to the allure of shortcuts. In the realm of financial advisor marketing, just as in the Force, the true power lies in the hands of those who wield it responsibly and creatively. Embrace AI as a partner in your content creation journey, and the financial galaxy will be yours to explore and conquer.

Robert Sofia is CEO of Snappy Kraken, a digital marketing firm serving financial advisors.


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